Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a Yorkshire artist working from his home studio just outside of Harrogate.

His inspiration comes from many places, landscapes, the sea , weather, textiles and music.

“Whilst I have a general composition in mind I tend not to sketch beforehand, preferring to just start and see what evolves”.

Mostly, I just let it happen often not knowing what each piece means  until painted. Insinuation and evocation rather than description.  I try not to tell a story in my work but encourage involvement and imagination.

The experience will be  different for everyone depending on mood and  personality. Steves paintings are built on textural layers and he often distresses the work as it progresses with the use of various tools and energetic layers of paint leaving room for happy accidents to occur. Steve enjoys the atmospheric play of colour, light and texture, painting the natural world through an abstract lens.

Steve will be on show at Longitude Art Gallery